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At 776 BC Loukoumades, we are a family-owned and operated business that specializes in traditional Greek donuts (loukoumades). Our business was founded by a father-daughter team, Nick and Jana, who share a passion for cooking and a love for their Greek Cypriot heritage.

Nick grew up in Cyprus, where he learned the art of cooking from his mother and yiayia (Greek for grandmother). He brought his culinary skills with him when he moved to Australia, where he raised his family. 

Jana inherited her family's love for cooking and passion for Greek Cypriot food. She grew up helping her family in the kitchen and learning the family recipes that would eventually become the foundation of 776 BC Loukoumades. 


In 2023, Nick and Jana decided to turn their passion for cooking into a business, and 776 BC Loukoumades was born. They spent months developing the perfect recipe and after much trial and error, they finally perfected it.


Today 776 BC Loukoumades strives to serve its loyal customers across all of Victoria. 

We are proud to continue the tradition of Greek Cypriot cooking that has been passed down through our family for generations. 

At 776 BC Loukoumades, we believe that food is more than just substance- it's a way to connect with others and share our culture and traditions. 

Founders Jana and Nick holding packs of loukoumades with their food trailer in the background
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